Fathers and/or U.S. Soldiers all across America who are victims of the shiftlessness and impotent jurisprudence by the Department of Justice can rightfully “Gloat” over Attorney General Eric Holder being criminally charged with contempt.

Hence, SGT. Hashim Bomani said, “I am extremely happy with the resolution charging AG Eric Holder with criminal contempt because for the past (6) six years I have requested the intervention of Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in matters WILSON vs. BOMANI. In that, I have sent Eric Holder conclusive evidence showing collusion, fraud and irregularities on the part of the Los Angeles County Probation Department and the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department. Hence, Eric Holder is in possession of direct evidence which show beyond a shadow of a doubt that, Supervising Probation Officer Stephanie M. Wilson used her position and influence as a Sworn Peace Officer to manipulate Judicial Outcome, and colluded with Lead Attorney Fesia A. Davenport in order to place a fraudulent child support obligation upon my person”.

The following Congressional Representatives [REP. BOBBY SCOTT, REP. JIM MCGOVERN, REP. JUDY CHU, REP. DONNA EDWARDS, REP. ADAM SCHIFF, REP. HANK JOHNSON, REP. CHAKA FATTAH, REP. JACKIE SPEIER, REP. NANCY PELOSI, REP. JOHN DINGELL, REP. BARBARA MIKULSKI, REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, DEL. ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON, REP. SILVESTRE REYES] ought to be a shamed of themselves. In that, during Congressional Over-sight Hearings each of these “Crime Lords” uttered a slew of stone walling soliloquies as they desperately attempted to  defend Attorney General Eric Holder’s criminal involvement in the DOJ’s Gun “Running” Operation known as, Fast and Furious.

Kudos and thank the Universe for Congressional Leaders like Darrell Issa and his Republican Colleagues who had the courage and te testicular fortitude to charge Eric Holder with criminal contempt because if it were not for these Republican Leaders taking charge of their posts, and upholding the Laws of the Constitution, the following Democratic Crime Lords would have swept Eric Holders transgressions under the rug. The fact that, Attorney General Eric Holder blatantly lied and mislead members of Congress, and was directly responsible for the death of Agent Brian Terry as well as the slaughter of over 200 Mexican Nationals is treasonous, and therefore, Eric Holder, along with those who tried to cover-up his treason, should be put to Death by lethal injection.

So take a good look at the Democratic Crime Lords who conveniently and deceptively say, “We believe in Justice and the American Constitution”. To the contrary, each one of these, Democratic Criminal Coward’s are nothing more than “LOW DOWN DIRTY, SCUM BAG, and SO-CALLED POLITICAL LEADER’S”.










The 1895 U.S. Open in Newport, Rhode Island, featured nine professional golfers and one amateur. [Note: the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863] It is widely acknowledged as the start of the professional game in the United States. The Professional Golfers Association was formed in 1916. Most members were golf course pros. The same year, the first PGA Championship was held in Bronxville, New York.

The game of Golf is quite analogues to Slavery, also known as the Peculiar Institution and/or the Plantation Paradigm which began in America in 1555. In that, GOLF spelled backwards is FLOG. The words FLOG means to beat with a rod, whip or stick; scourge. Be that as it may, let us examine the game of golf. Golf is a sport dominated by powerful Caucasian men. The language utilized throughout the game of Golf can be transcribed into an interracial pornographic fantasy formation. In that, Golf symbolically represents the Caucasian Collectives subconscious desires to rape and/or sodomize “Non-White Humanoids”. For example, the “SHAFT” of the club or putter is extended approximately 33 degrees from the Golfer’s penis. The Golfer taking the least amount of “SHAFT, CLUB or PUTTER” strokes to ejaculate the little white ball (Sperm) into a black hole in mother earth or “Non-White Humanoids” is deemed the victor and/or winner. The game of Golf represents a microcosmic fantasy formation in the Caucasian Male Brain Computer which projects a snapshot of time and space representing Caucasian Global Domination. The little white ball is transformed into big Rockets and/or missiles (Black Genetic Equalizers and/or Euthanizes) whose payload (Bio/Nuclear Sperm) is dropped on “Non-White Humanoids” for the sole purpose of establishing real-time Global, Planetary Domination, “Non-White Humanoid” Subjugation” and/or Annihilation. All done to soothe, comfort and compensate for the stress, anxiety, and sexual inadequacies experienced by the Caucasian Male Brain Computer. One should not forget that, the Golfer who “EAGALS” or gets a Hole-In-One is deemed the “MASTER” at the biggest golf exhibition known as the “MASTERS” or U.S. OPEN (Vagina.) Interesting to note that, the introduction of Golf into the American Caucasian Males Psyche meant a sharp decline in the lynching of African-American Males.



The NBA lock out represents a prime example of the Plantation Mentality gone wild. Will Kobe Bryant become an obsolete Slave? In that, when the slave master no longer needs his slave, and the slave knows nothing, but how to be a slave, all the slave can do is hope and pray that his slave master will someday need the slave again. Interesting, NBA players actually thought that getting paid millions of dollars to put a ball in a hole would last forever. It will be interesting to watch Kobe Bryant and his fellow NBA colleagues be reduced to living on skid row. These God figures who dominate the basketball court are now relegated to begging their “Owners” (SLAVE MASTERS), pun intended, to continue to sustain their lavish lifestyles. It’s only a matter of time until people do the math, Kobe puts a ball in a hole and receives millions of dollars, while  a Teacher educates  young minds into constructive and productive human beings and contributors to society, yet that Teacher gets paid peanuts if that, or forced to face layoffs and/or furloughs. Don’t sleep, Miss. Kim Kardashian will soon be back on the market, and Kobe Bryant’s wife will be walking that $4 million ring to the pawn shop. What the hell is wrong with Derek Fisher, he looks pathetic, begging NBA Owners to come to a negotiating table that he and his NBA colleagues never thought for one minute to own. I mean really Derek Fisher stop pleading and crying like a punk ass bitch to your slave master as if you have DINOSAUR TESTICULAR leverage. Stop begging and meet me on skid row…I HAVE A PLAN.



One must understand the Caucasian Frame of Reference. The Caucasian child enters a world of “milk and honey”. In that, the Caucasians world is designed to provide total and ultimate psychological comfort and/or harmony for the Caucasian Collective. Caucasian children are bombarded with super heroes and cartoons which drive home the idea and/or mental themes of global domination and supremacy.

For example, the relationship between cartoon characters like Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck is adversarial. Elmer, with his double barrow shotgun is in continuous pursuit of an aggravating and obnoxious black duck named Daffy. One must ask which character will an African-American child identify with, and which character will the Caucasian child identify with? Surely, the self-fulfilling prophecy is reflected in societal norms. In that, The Caucasian child grows up to be that State Trooper or the Gun toting Protector, charged with policing the Black Male Threat.

The Caucasian enters religious institutions where all biblical figures are Caucasian. Not only is the deity’s racial and ethnic make-up Caucasian, but people whose racial and ethnic make-up represent 180 degrees opposite that deity are observed by the Caucasian in total obedience and worship of that Caucasian deity. This phenomenon must provide the Mainstream Caucasian Collective powerful reinforcement, and/or boosts the Caucasians psychological desire the feel supreme. It is psychologically destructive and psychopathic to worship a deity that looks nothing like the worshiper. In this case, the Caucasian demonstrates intelligence. Hence, not only does the Caucasian worship a deity that possesses the same racial and ethnic characteristics, but the Caucasian has so dominated and captured the hearts and minds of people whose racial and ethnic make-up is opposite the Mainstream Caucasian Collective’s Deity, that those people obliviously worship The Caucasian Deity. The number one reason Caucasians refer to disasters as “A Freak of Nature” or “A Fluke” is because the Caucasian knows no greater power then itself. Think about it, the men who go to the moon, the men who run the stock market, the men who run the media, the men who head line in romance and action films, the men who conduct wars, the men who run the world have one thing in common, they are all Caucasian, or in Obama’s case, half Caucasian. For the Caucasian psyche, knowing no other power then its own supremacy, it is hard for the Mainstream Caucasian Collective to grasp the possibility that: hell, sleet, snow, tornados, hurricanes, heavy  rains and massive winds represent a force and/or power the Caucasian Collective cannot control. How do you tell a Caucasian person they are being judged? You can’t, one must sit back and watch the Mainstream Caucasian Collective take its medication to correct the psychological imbalances the Caucasian Collective has created.