FOIJAMES MUHAMMAD ShabazzAllah1 and James Muhammad, two self-proclaimed so-called “Original Asiatic Black Men” posed the following question: Was it silly when the white man came to North America and built an independent nation from a few little forts and log cabins and went to war with the Native Americans and defeated them and defeated his own brothers from England? Was it silly when the United States and Britain set up Israel for the Jewish people of Europe to have a Jewish state all the way in Palestine and take care of them for over 50 years with the American tax payer’s money? You sir are silly.

THE DREAM Hashim The Dream, issued the following response: Negative Sir, for you contradict yourself. In that, your question alludes to glamorous facts that show and prove that the White-Man would have never acquired that which you and the Nation of Islam admire and strive for, without his Penis Projectiles and/or Weapons. Therefore Sir, I respectfully submit to the fact that it is not only “SILLY” but it is “PSYCHOTIC and DELUSIONAL” to think that the Nation of Islam’s pipe dream of bringing a “BLACK UTOPIA” into existence without your so-called “Army of God’s” engaging in behaviors just as ruthless and conniving as your Slave Master and/or your Caucasoid-Reptilian Creation.

Now the only Mathematical Equation that counters your Caucasoid’s Weaponized Reality, and the Fruit of Islam never taking up arms is the fact that YOU, the so-called, “Original Asiatic Black Man” must Penetrate and Impregnate as many Caucasoid-Females as you can, and hope that these “HALF-ORIGINAL OFF-SPRINGS” discontinue and/or reverse the so-called “Divine Retribution” that has been ordained and charged towards The Nation of Islam and Your Caucasoid Creation. That is of course if you can break away and/or detach from that VOODOO GRIP those Ugly Treacherous Black Devil Bitches have on you, the so-called, “Asiatic Black Man.”

Hey So-called, “OWNER, MAKER, CREAM OF THE PLANET EARTH, GOD OF THE UNIVERSE” do the God-Damn math, unless the Fruit of Islam are ready and willing to build and stockpile weapons to the same magnitude that your Slave Master and/or Caucasoid-Reptilian Creation builds and stockpiles Weapons you will remain at the foot and as the bottom rail of your Caucasoid-Reptilian Creation. So, I reiterate the fact, the only inescapable mathematical alternative is to Penetrate and Impregnate as many Caucasoid-Females as you can, then, hope and pray that those “HALF-ORIGINAL-OFF-SPRINGS” maintain the same allegiance that I have towards my Black Daddy. What are you going to do Mr. Original Asiatic Black Man?


What are you going to do Mr. “Original Asiatic Black Man”, time is up for both you, and your, Caucasoid-Reptilian Creation. I will go out on a limb and make a prediction…THE UNIVERSE IS ABOUT TO SEAL THE FATES OF BOTH THE ASIATIC BLACK MAN AND THE CAUCASOID-REPTILIAN-APEX-PREDA­TOR… IT’S A RAP MOTHER-F%CKAHS! Ah, can you say, “HURRICANE SANDY, SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY, and THE DEATH’S OF: GENERAL “STORMAN” NORMAN SCHWARZKAPF, PRESIDENT GEORGE H. W. BUSH and NELSON MANDELA; THE HOSPITALIZATION OF HILARY RODHAM CLINTON for Blood Clots in her Brain, KAT MIDDLETON for Severe “Morning Sickness” and MARGARET THATCHER for Tumors and/or Growths in her Bladder. And let us not forget that QUEEN ELIZABETH and DR. WESLEY MUHAMMAD are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Be advised, all these Flunkies of Islam do is Dump a bunch of Bull-Shit, masked to be “Knowledge”. Notice, they have no solutions, programs, counter remedies or counter treatments for the Dumping of this Information. Remember, the Flunkies of Islam lack in the area of Anticipatory Skill Sets. Should NOT have Supreme Wisdom anticipated and applied a treatment for any future antics which your so-called “Devil Creation” (White Man) has placed upon you Flunkies of Islam?

Think about it, you stupid Mother-F%ckah’s, know as well as I, that, Little so-called, “Pure” Caucasoid Children don’t get massacred to that magnitude unless some force and/or frequency vibration is present, and has ordained such a massacre…ASHAY MOTHER-F%CKAHS…ASHAY!

HASHIM BOMANI 678Let me see if I can make it plain, and drive the reality of these circumstantial realities home for the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man.” Hence, you actually believe that by remaining in your mundane loop penetrating and impregnating those Treacherous Voodoo Black Devil Bitches, to whom you reference as the “Original Black Queen Mother”, will somehow Trans-mutate you dumb Mother-F%ckah’s into the “Hereafter.” Well, listen to what you HEAR AFTER I introduce you to the evidence. Hence, as “conscious” as you clowns like to claim Michael Jackson was at the end of his life, even he had enough sense to leave his estate to his so-called, “Half-Original Off-Springs and/or Caucasoid-Reptilian Mutations” (i.e. Prince, Blanket & Paris) because he knew that the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man” is incapable of competing with and/or stopping your Big Head Scientist, or “Yakub’s” experiment gone wild, known as the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator. Hell, Michael Jackson would have never reached the pinnacle of his success had he not physiologically trans-mutated and/or shape-shifted into something that was 180 degrees opposite his so-called “Original Asiatic Black Self.” The point is, your Slave Master and/or your Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator has preconditioned you dumb Mother-F%ckah’s to engage the world as though you are in a sprint, while your Caucasoid-Slave-Master run’s the world from the perspective of a practical and highly efficient marathon. You see, Mr. so-called “Original Asiatic Black ManPRINCE, BLANKET and PARIS” there is a reason that the religion (i.e. The Nation of Islam) you serve places an emphasis on “TIME.” In that, what does any Thinking Organism do when it believes “Time” is running out? Moreover, if your Fairytale about the Original Asiatic Black Big Headed Scientist, Yakub, and his Caucasoid-Creation is accurate, and if the Caucasoid was given a set “Time” to rule, then surely, that “Time” limit applies to the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man” who concocted and/or birthed this Caucasoid-Reptilian into existence? Surely, you, the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man” cannot escape the fact that you, the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man” are both directly and indirectly responsible and culpable for the criminal and murderous rampage your Caucasoid-Creation has execute on this planet for the last 6,000 years? Can it be that the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man’s” experiment known as, Caucasoid-Alpha-Q is a botched experiment and/or genetic program that cannot be control and/or aborted by its Creator and/or Originator the so-called, “Original Asiatic Black Man”?


JANET JACKSON TOO SLOWConsider the fact that Janet Jackson, who for the most part, remained somewhat in her “Original Asiatic Black Self” is known for being quick-witted and having superior fine-motor skills. However, during an altercation with Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Janet Jackson attempted to snatch a phone from Paris’ hand, and shockingly Janet Jackson, a so-called, “Semi Original Asiatic Black Queen” could not out perform and/or beat the reflexes of Michael Jackson’s Caucasoid Daughter.

Interesting right? This is proof that something in the Universe has shifted. In that, it appears that, the so-called “Half-Original-Humanoid” is not taking shit from neither the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator, nor the “Original Asiatic Black Humanoid.”

KATHERINE JACKSON & MAGICAL WHITE KIDSConsider the fact that, Katherine Jackson, a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, became so distraught over the tension between Michael Jackson’s children and their so-called “Original Asiatic Black Aunts and Uncles” that Katherine Jackson had to escape to Rebbie Jackson’s home in Arizona. Funny, but can you imagine the mind games these Magical Caucasoid Children are playing on their hyper-religious and stressed out so-called “Original Asiatic Black Grandmother.” Surely, these Magical Caucasoid Children (i.e. Prince, Blanket and Paris) have to occasionally utter the question, “Where did all these Niggers come from?”




Let us not forget that on December 30, 2012 at Mosque Maryam, Dr. Wesley Muhammad made some sound effects like “POP..POP..POP..POP” as he gestured his hands in the form of a weapon, and on January 6, 2013 his bitch ass was cowering down to his Daddy Farrakhan and asking Farrakhan to forgive his “Wild and Reckless Antics”. God-Damn, from one Slave Master to another.

Hey, why is it that you see nothing but High Yellow Negro’s at Mosque Maryam telling Blue Black Negro’s that they are the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man”? Something smells funny,  therefore, Mr. so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man, The Owner, The Maker, The Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe” you cannot refute nor dispute the evidence, as well as the inevitable fact that unless you are willing to meet your Caucasoid-Creation’s Deadly Force with Deadly Force, then I am afraid that your Caucasoid-Experiment will, by default, eventually eradicate and/or exterminate you, the so-called “Original Asiatic Black Man, The Owner, The Maker, The Cream of the Planet Earth, God of the Universe” from the face of this Planet, and the known regions of the Universe. So, in the mean time it is recommended that you be like Mike, and create as many Half-Original Derivatives as possible, and you may be able to de-couple and/or break the Incest-Loop that Osiris and his Treacherous Black Sister started in KMT approximately 50, 000 years ago.

Oh, but if you are still unconvinced, here is some food for thought…

THE FARRAKHAN SPOOKThink about it, Your Daddy Louis Farrakhan continues to point you dumb Mother-F%ckah’s in the direction of a Spook named “ALLAH”. Now let’s PRETEND (Emphasizing the word PRETEND) that I am “ALLAH”, you dumb Mother-F%ckah’s actually think and believe that I “ALLAH” would hand this planet over to the Nation of Islam and the Fruit of Islam, and you have not put in work. How Silly. Now let us run this equation by Big Homie in the hood. Hey Big Homie, should the Little Homies get a piece of the BIG HOMIES CAKE when the Little Homies have done nothing for THE BIG HOMIE that makes the Little Homies worthy of a Piece of BIG HOMIES CAKE? Surely, you dumb Mother-F%ckah’s are not insulting “ALLAH’S” Intelligence by explicitly implying that the average Gang-Banger in the Hood has a greater mathematical acumen than your “GOD” known as “ALLAH”? Think about it, if a Delusional and/or Psychotic Gang-Banger from Compton, California , who is disoriented to time, place and person, has enough sense to mandate and/or require that his Little Homies put in work for the hood in order to receive a piece of BIG HOMIES CAKE, what then should the so-called “ORIGANAL ASIATIC BLACK MEN, OWNER, MAKER, CREAM OF THE PLANET EARTH, GOD OF THE UNIVERSE” expect from the so-called “SUPREME BEING and/or ORIGINATOR.” Surely, you cannot be this ignorant, and at the same time claim that you are “STREET SMART” and/or from the hood? Unless of course the Nation of Islam and the so-called “Fruit of Islam” is nothing more than a subsidiary, Agent Provocateur and/or Tentacle Arm of the FBI, the CIA and the NSA.

Gentlemen, I respectfully submit that, the stench emitting from your esophagus is putrid and reeks of Reptilian fecal matter, you F%cking-Cowards!


This is Bravo-Elite (a.k.a. CHAMP) Code Name: KILO-NOVEMBER-UTAH-CHARLIE-KILO-LIMA-ECKO-BRAVO-ROMEO-ALPHA-INDIA-NOVEMBER-SIX-SIX-ONE-NINER-SIX-NINER requesting permission to transmit prime directive report via internet blog?


Roger that GOLF-WHISKEY,

REPORT: Caucasian’s and Mammy hostiles have executed one grandchild, code name: MIKE-INDIA-SAM-HOTEL-ALPHA-HOTEL the remaining two grandchildren are being held hostage. Brave-Elite was forced to stand-down due to litigation restrictions placed on him by Caucasoid Judicial Officers. The Government has proven inoperative and/or obsolete when it comes to the enforcement of its Constitution, thus rendering the 14th Amendment null and void. Bravo-Elite is requesting a STRIKE-BRIGADE from GRANDADDY-ECHOLON-ONE, with the same magnitute that was recently dropped on Chelsea Henryville, Indiana. Stand-by to copy coordinates, BREAK: (Longitude ONE-ONE-SEVEN/Latitude TREE-TREE.) Be advised, all Top-Secret and/or Classified Data in this transmission have been fused with DNA Composite and U.S. Treasury Notes. Data has been re-configured as Cryonized-Nano-Dust-Encryptions and up-loaded to DoD Mainframe (a.k.a. The BEAST.)

Bravo-Elite is stand-by for authorization to in-put incineration codes. Welcome to the 21st Century via internet time code, General. It’s good to see you again Sir. Nothing further to report…KNUCKLE-BRAIN…OUT

General George William Collier, the best damn Daddy that ever set-foot on this God-Damn Planet. Don’t you ever try and tell me and my children about your Spook Gods. I know a real Soldier named General George William Collier, and you punk ass cowards will address him as, “General”. Thanks for the training Daddy, Hashim Domenick Bomani (a.k.a. The Unique Dominator), Chelsea Olivia Brooke Bomani (a.k.a. Chel-Chel) and Bravo-Elite are glad to have you back, General, we’ll take it from here.


Hashim The Dream


Pictured, from left, are: Ceairia Perry, a Beaumont High School graduate who will attend Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in the fall; Michele Holton, employment branding and university relations lead for Monsanto Global Staffing; David Patin Jr., a Hazelwood Central High School graduate who will attend Xavier University in Cincinnati; Aaron Shepard, a Saint Louis University High School graduate who will attend Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C.; John Armstrong Jr., area development director for UNCF; and Tangela Oatis, a Ritenour High School graduate who will attend Spellman College in Atlanta

Monsanto, the #1 producer of Genetically Modified Foods and/or Organism recently presented the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) with a $15,000 grant that will be used to provide college scholarships to recent St. Louis high school graduates. HOLY F%CKING SHIT! Now before I commence to verbally assault Morehouse Alum, Mr. John Armstrong Jr., allow me to elaborate on what it means when a Food Grafting Corporation like Monsanto, forms an alliance with so-called “Black Leaders” and/or Negro-Elites. In that, Black People are the #1 consumers of Genetically Modified Foods (i.e. McDonalds), and it appears that Black People, and so-called “Black Leaders” are knowingly looking the other way when it comes to the Nefarious Business Objectives carried-out by Monsanto. Hence, Monsanto is feeding Black People, Genetically Modified Foods that leads Black People to an early grave, while at the same time restoring and preserver the diminishing Caucasoid-Reptilian-Genetic-Nomenclature and/or White Supremacy. Notice, there is not a single out-cry from either the Black Community, nor from their so-called “Black Leaders” and/or Negro-Elites who over-see and maintain the Black Community on behalf of their Caucasoid-Reptilian-Philanthropists. For more information about Monsanto and its Reptilian-Agenda click on the icon below:

Now let’s go after this Bitch, who goes by the name of John Armstrong Jr. and other Negro-Elites who are beginning to emerge from the Primordial-Septic-Tanks and/or Slave-Making-Plantation-Hubs like Morehouse College.

Upon receiving a worthless Degree from Compton Community College, I was contacted by a Morehouse Alumni named Dr. Trevor Bentley. Apparently Dr. Bentley had seen some newspaper articles about my being an “All-America Academic/Athlete” and chosen to “Who’s Who among American Junior Colleges”. Dr. Bentley asked me, if I were interested in attending Morehouse College? I said yes, and can I get a scholarship? He then instructed me to show up on campus on June 1, 1990, and that is when my mission to infiltrate Morehouse College commenced. I entered Morehouse College as a Walk-On-Player for the Morehouse Football Team under Head Coach Dwight Scales. I had a lot of respect for Coach Dwight Scales because he reminded me of my Daddy, General George William Collier the kind of Black Men that did not play games, you know, the kind of Black Man who would slap the Dog Piss out of you if he caught you doing something stupid. Anyway, Coach Dwight Scales proved to be too old school for many of the Punk Ass Uppity Negro-Players on the team. In that, the Morehouse Football Team consisted of a bunch of Punk Ass Prissy Negro Elites who were a slew of Dandified and/or Bourgeoisie Bitches who ran to the infirmary every time they got so much as a hang nail on the practice field. I MOREHOUSE COLLEGErecall a time when Coach Scales had the entire team on lock down, doing nothing but watching movies like “Quest for Fire”. And Coach Scales stopped the movie to discuss some phone calls he was receiving from the parents of some of the players. Coach Scales said some of the parents had concerns over the methods he uses during practice in order to get players ready for game day. Coach Scale singled out one player in particular, named Deon, who played third string center and offensive guard. Deon’s father called Coach Dwight Scales to inquire as to why Deon was not starting at his position. Coach Dwight Scales said, “I told your Punk Ass Daddy, when you stop making football players who look and act like Barney Rubble from the Flintstones maybe his Bitch Ass would be a starter”. That shit was hilarious, Coach Dwight Scales went on the tell all of us, “If you or your parents don’t like the way I run this Football Program you can kick F%cking Rocks”. From that day forward the Powder Puff Negro’s on the team were on a mission to have Coach Dwight Scales terminated. They made up allegations like; Coach Dwight Scales was confiscating their gold chains to support his alleged cocaine addiction. The Powder Puff Crew of Maroon Tiger Bitches even confided and sought refuge in a cut-throat-back-stabbing assistant coach by the name of Keith Smyre. Coach Smyre was the type of House Negro who was always sniffing around in search of an ass he could kiss in order to seize opportunities that would advance his career and/or his position amongst the Morehouse Negro Elites. Basically, Coach Smyre was the agent provocateur who fabricated the malicious reports to the Head Negro’s at Morehouse College that resulted in Coach Dwight Scales being terminated at the end of the season. Side Note: To Coach Dwight Scales and Real Black Men like him, if you are out there Sir, I dedicate this article to you.

F%CK, Dear ole Morehouse College, the so-called “Black Ivy League of Historical Black Colleges”! To the contrary, Morehouse College is nothing more than a Plantation Hub used for the sole purpose of isolating, containing, monitoring and controlling the so-called “Intellectual Black Man”. Hence, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the first and the last Black Man to rise from the ranks of Morehouse College to reach Global Recognition and/or Status. And every Morehouse Negro that has come after Dr. King has been riding Dr. King’s “Civil Rights Non-Violent Coattails” on behalf and/or at the direction of Caucasoid Philanthropist’s and/or Slave Master’s. The question is, since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X why has Morehouse College and The Nation of Islam consistently failed to produce Black Men anywhere near the so-called “Prestigious Caliber and/or Notoriety” of a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and/or the Intellectual stratagem of a Malcolm X? The answer is simple, “Classical Conditioning”. In that, a gentleman by the name of Ivan Pavlov created a behavioral control concept known as, “Classical Conditioning”. Basically, Mr. Pavlov connected a dog to a contraption in order toIVAN PAVLOV measure the level of saliva the dog produced when the dog was introduces to stimuli (i.e. food.) However, Mr. Pavlov noticed that the dog would produce saliva even before the stimuli (i.e. food) was introduced. So Mr. Pavlov introduced the ringing of an Unconditioned Stimulus (i.e. bell) at the same time the stimuli (i.e. food) was presented to the dog, and once the dog associated the ringing of the bell with the food Mr. Pavlov could then remove the food and just ring the bell to elicit salivation in the dog. Therefore, the dog had been conditioned and/or trained to salivate when it heard the ringing of the bell. Similarly, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X served as a “Conditioning and/or Training” mechanism on the Morehouse Negro’s Psyche that hasMOREHOUSE COLLEGE placed Morehouse Negro’s in perpetual mental paralysis and/or a kind of “Zombie-State of Mind” that can only go through the motions of the so-called “Civil Rights Movement” up to the point where their “Conditioning and/or Training” triggers the recollection of Dr. King’s and Malcolm X’s Assassination, and therefore, causing the Morehouse Negro to digress, retreat and/or deviate from any path, obligation and/or commitment that comes anywhere near Dr. King’s so-called “Civil Rights Movement, and/or Malcolm X’s strategic Planning Capabilities. So in reality the so-called “Morehouse Man and Fruit of Islam” are perpetrating a fraud, and are merely a modern-day “House Negro’s” carrying out his Caucasoid Philanthropist’s and/or Slave Master’s Agenda. For those of you who doubt that Morehouse College is ran and operated by Caucasoid Philanthropist’s, I simply point your attention to Mr. David Gergen the Chief GrandMaster of All Caucasoid Philanthropist’s who directly and indirectly control and operate Morehouse College. Hence, in 2005 I attended a so-called “Leadership” Conference at Morehouse College and Mr. David Gergen was the Keynote Speaker. His topic consisted of walking the audience through a micro Bohemian Grove Ceremony, where he turns off all the lights in the room and methodically guides the Morehouse Negro out of a metaphorical cave of savagery, and into the light of civilization, as the lights are slowly raised. Coincidentally, in that same year I became a victim of predatory lending and the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Fearing the worse, I decided to put my so-called “Morehouse College Network” to the test. So, I wrote Mr. David Gergen and other so-called “Prominent Morehouse Leaders” explaining my situation and requested financial assistance. I eventually lost my house and was forced to sleep in my car, and to this day I have yet to receive so much as a, “Sucker” response from my so-called “Morehouse Colleges Network”, I guess the joke is on me. One might disagree with this analysis, but I remind you, I infiltrated Morehouse College from 1990 to 1995, I saw firsthand how Caucasoid Philanthropist’s dictated and/or controlled so-called “Morehouse Men” and/or Negro’s like Rev. Otis Moss III and his daddy, Otis Moss Sr. as they shuffled and danced to the Caucasoid Slave Master’s tune for economic morsels. I watched these HOUSE NIGGAH’S as they matriculated through Morehouse College and acquired their 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Status with ease, simply because their Slave Master always has first dibs on the Tax Free Donations Otis and the Boy’s rob from gullible congregants. Moreover, I observed Sorority Members from Spellman College and Fraternity Members from Morehouse College garner special privileges. And even to this day, one will find that all Non-Profit Organizations, Public and/or Private Educational Institutions, Mega-Religious Institutions and/or Governmental Agencies are saturated with Sorority and/or Fraternity Members who have some form of affiliation with “Historical Black College Plantation Hubs” like: Clark Atlanta University, Spellman CollegeMOREHOUSE COLLEGE, Morris Brown College, Morehouse College and Howard University. No matter how mediocre a Black Student is, if they or their parents are affiliated with a Black Sorority and/or Fraternity they will get the job and/or promotion over individuals who are more qualified, but not affiliated with a Sorority and/or Fraternity. Interestingly, Black People are still calling for Affirmative Action, yet they, themselves have total control over the entire Pecking Order. Hence we no-longer have to wonder about how Stupid-Dumb-Ass-Negro’s become the President and/or Chancellor of Historical Black Colleges, and exactly why a position like that will never be obtained by those at the lower echelon’s of society and/or those who operate out-side of the Sorority and/or Fraternity Secret Circles. Where is Bitch-Ass Guessy Jesse when you need barriers like unfair and/or biased hiring practices amongst the “Negro Elite Hierarchy” abolished?

John Armstrong (a.k.a. Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong) and I dormed together during our time at Morehouse College. We played on the Morehouse Football Team at the same time. You see, Johnny “The Quitter” Armstrong had big and elaborate dreams of becoming a Big-Time Defensive End, but Coach Craig Cason did not see it that way. In that, Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong was only talented enough to cover down at the position of Short and Long Snapper. However, John “THE QUITTER” Armstrong felt that he was being unjustly treated and/or blackballed by Coach Craig Cason, so Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong decided he would strike back at Coach Cason by, doing just that, “Going on Strike and/or Quitting the team”. By the way, I believe that Coach Craig Cason limited Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong’s playing time to just Short and Long Snapper because Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong’s Negro-Elite and/or Powder-Puff Daddy did not want his precious son, and/or future House-Negro to be hurt. Therefore, to make a long story short, Bitch Ass Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong quit the team in protest, and I was called upon to cover-down as Short and Long Snapper for the Morehouse Footbal Team, and that is why Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong is known through-out the House-Negro Realms and/or the Boule’-Archon-Elite Portals as a “QUITER”, and why it is so easy for a Death Producing Corporate Entity like Monsanto, to fund and/or pay Bitches like Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong to grin and shuffle while Monsanto continues to feed Genetically Modified Foods to Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong Jr., and Black People. Moreover, Johnny “THE QUITTER” Armstrong Jr., and his Uppity-Negro-Cronies are being paid by Monsanto to turns tricks on behalf of Caucasoid-Zionist-Reptilian-Apex-Predator’s.

To prove this point further, I returned to Morehouse College in 2010 and attended an event known as “Candle in the Dark”, and during a ceremony at King Chapel I reunited with a gentleman by the name of Claude P. Hutto who played running back for the Morehouse Football Team during the time of my infiltration. Mind you, Mr. Claude P. Hutto was and is, as dumb as they come, yet he just so happens to be, a Philosophy Professor currently teaching at Morehouse College. I strategically and respectfully greeted Professor Claude P. Hutto, but stood dumb founded and discombobulated when I reflected on my interactions with Claude P. Hutto from 1991 to 1994. During our brief encounter, I could sense that even he, himself was speaking under his breath and saying, “Yeah, I am a Professor, go figure”. I mean Claude P. Hutto, a “Ham-Hock-Fed-Tallahassee-Swamp-Negro”, who, was and/or is, so stupid that his only response when you called his name was a, “Back-Wood-Tallahassee-Bumpkin-Grunt” like, “Huh”. I also bumped into my old Psychology Professor by the name of Dr. Harold Braithwaite who was the “Pimp Daddy” of the Psychology Department during the 1990’s. This gentleman was an old school pimp who really went into full pimp mode when females from Spellman College Cross-Registered into his class. Hence, Dr. Braithwaite would show up to class wearing tight ass polyester slacks, with no underwear on, so that the females and the Undercover Brothers could get a glimpse of Dr. Braithwaite’s bulging penis that ran down the seam of his tight ass polyester slacks, while he lectured about some African “KA-BA” Bull-Shit that to this day has no relevance in a Globally Competitive Market. I said, “God Damn!”, if these are the so-called “Professor’s” who have been qualified to teach the so-called “Future Morehouse Man” then it is definitively inevitable that Morehouse College and her Caucasoid Philanthropist’s will soon experience a climactic and/or cataclysmic end. Oh and did I mention that, the Nation of Islam’s, Muhammad’s Mosque #15 was right around the corner from Morehouse College. As a matter of fact, Dr. Wesley Muhammad and I attended Morehouse College at the same time, Dr. Wesley Muhammad and another Nation of Islam Clown named Benar loved to ride my coat-tails because of my Academic and Athletic dominance I brought to the campus of Morehouse College. Moreover, Dr. Wesley Muhammad at that time, was a Nation of Islam Informant, who was assigned by the Nation of Islam Elites to shadow my person. However, this snivelling cry-baby was unaware that Morehouse College and The Nation of Islam were the one’s under surveillance. Yes you guessed it, I infiltrated The Nation of Islam to. Eventually, I realized that the Elijah Muhammad Ideology and the Martin Luther King Ideology were one in the same, just different extreme corners of a virtual Psychological Box and/or DR. MARTIN LUTHER KINGApparatus. In that, both Ideologies and/or Institutions have the same objective which is to isolate, contain, monitor and control any and all Free Thought in the Black Community. Think about it, these Religious Organizations develop their Theological Rhetoric around concepts about a Messiah and/or Mahdi that is to return and issue judgment upon the Planet. Well, if one has been warned that this Messiah and/or Mahdi will appear from among the down trodden and/or despised Black Men of America, is it possible to isolate, contain, monitor and/or control all Black Men in order to prevent and/or capture the Messiah and/or Mahdi before he has been raised? I believe that that is exactly the intent of Negro Elites currently positioned within Morehouse College and the Nation of Islam. Think about it, what better way to receive favor from your Caucasoid Philanthropist’s and/or Slave Master then to isolate, contain, monitor and/or control the Messiah and/or Mahdi that is sent to “Judge the World”. Can it be that Morehouse College and/or the Nation of Islam are merely modern-day examples of “Judas and/or Pontius Pilate” who betrayed a Messiah Figure named Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, and who ultimately sent Jesus to his death? Allow me to explain, the Nation of Islam and Morehouse College are like twNATION OF ISLAMo Psychological Programming and/or Indoctrinating Schemes of an (X, Y) Cartesian Coordinates Grid. In that, the Morehouse College Program and/or Indoctrination Scheme captures, contains and/or isolates Black Men who have embraced and/or bought into Dr. King’s fairytale known as the “Non-Violent Civil Rights Movement”. Whereas, the Nation of Islam represents the opposite Program and/or Indoctrination Scheme which captures, isolates and/or contains those Black Men who have a propensity towards militancy and/or so ambitious that they believe and/or have bought into The Nation of Islam’s pipe dream of a “Black Paradise and/or Black Utopia” being created in the midst of a Psychotic Caucasoid who controls both the Nation of Islam and Morehouse College simultaneously. You see it’s very similar to when during the 1960’s; there were organizations that received monetary assistance from the U.S. Government. They used those funds to hand out Turkey’s in the Black Community in order to pacify the Black Community on behalf of the Caucasoid Controlled U.S. Government. And don’t forget that organizations like DR. MARTIN LUTHER KINGthe Nation of Islam use the Caucasoid and/or the U.S. Government as its #1 Boogieman so that the people look to the Nation of Islam for salvation. One can consider Morehouse College and the Nation of Islam as lower rungs on a “Three Tiered Welfare Ladder”, with the U.S. Government representing the top rung of the welfare ladder. Hence, the Nation of Islam and Morehouse College represent nothing more than the four corners of a “Virtual Psychological Box and/or Apparatus” used by Uppity House Negro Elites to isolate, contain, monitor and/or control Black Men at the behest of Caucasoid Philanthropist’s and/or Slave Master’s. A prime example of the way I was isolated, contained and controlled by the “Morehouse Contraption” was when I went to Coach Dwight Scales seeking a scholarship for my performance on the football field. I spoke privately with Coach Dwight Scales who said, “Clearly Hashim, you out perform a majority of the players on the team who are receiving scholarships, but I [Coach Dwight Scales] have no control over who gets the money”. So the Athletic Director by the name of Coach MacAfee was simply signing off and/or vouching for the student loans Morehouse College was placing upon my person. Therefore, I was stuck and in too deep to just give-up and/or quit. So, I covered down and brought a winning edge to the Morehouse College Football Team and once Coach Dwight Scales was terminated and replaced by a Black Man named Craig Cason I was led even deeper down the “Historical Black College Rabbit Hole”. In that, Coach Craig Cason was not the type of Black Man that would slap the shit out of you for acting stupid, but deserved respect because of his ability to strategically maneuver amongst the Morehouse Negro Elites. In that, I remember when we were headed to a game with Savannah State, and Morehouse College President Leroy Keith had not provided Coach Cason with adequate funds for the trip. So, Coach Craig Cason got President Leroy Keith’s punk ass out of his bed at 5 a. m. on a Saturday, and forced his punk ass to properly fund the teams’ trip to Savannah State. And that was the kind of “Get It Done” attitude that I grew to respect in Coach Craig Cason. Side Note: If you are out there Coach Craig Cason, Coach Billy “White Shoes” Johnson and Coach Salomon, I just want to say, Thank you for offering me a safe and secure place to lay my head when the Nation of Islam and those Uppity Negro Elites at Morehouse College attempted to Psychologically Destroy and/or Lobotomize my mind, body and spirit. Thanks to you Gentlemen, I have figured this shit out, and as you can see, I am making a list and checking it twice, and I am all up in the jugular vein of these Reptilian Bitches. Now back to the worthless degree I hold from Morehouse College. Now I know calling a degree from Morehouse College worthless is damn near, “Blasphemy”. However, when I study some of the cool and exciting research being produced in the field of Artificial Intelligence and/or Robotic Engineering at predominantly Caucasoid and/or Asian Institutions, I cannot help but to kick myself for choosing the mission to infiltrate and/or matriculate through an All Black Male Institution like Morehouse College. Side Note: I remember when I applied for the Los Angeles Police Department and the interviewer asked me, “What experience do you have in working amongst diverse populations?” I had to explain to him that, my attending an All Black Male Institution like Morehouse College may not represent diversity, but there was one Caucasoid on the Football Team, as well as a handful of Indian’s in the Computer Lab, which represented the extent of my “Diversified Experience”. Maybe that is why LAPD did not hire me because I was deficient in “Diversity”. So when I reflect on the nonsensical curriculum and/or emotional drama I went through to acquire that “Piece of Shit Degree” from Morehouse College, all I can say about being in the “Morehouse College Contraption” is that, Morehouse College was and/or is nothing more than a waste of time, and a Grand Mind-F%ck on the Grandest of Mind-F%cking Scales. In that, Morehouse College and her “Piece of Shit Degree” is very much like an Oil Rich Nation, where only an “Elite Few” get rich off the sale of the Nations oil and the rest of the population dig a perpetual ditch of poverty and destitution. Therefore, I reiterate, “F%ck you, Dear Ole Morehouse College, you so-called “Black Ivy League Renaissance Man”!


Are you not tired of clowns like Chris Brown getting paid millions upon millions of dollars for doing what a loyal and/or compliant Robot can do for zero dollars? Think about it, as long as the creator of the Robot remains one step ahead of the Robot Creation, one will never have to here of Domestic Assaults toward women and/or Television News Station windows being destroyed because a Bitch like Chris Brown can’t find his tampon or answer critical questions about his sadistic need to abuse women. I say, the sooner Pop Culture can kick Bitch Ass Chris Brown to the curb the sooner technology guru’s can bring forth his replacement. Be my guest and feast your eye on Robots that will soon send Bitches like Chris Brown straight to freeway off-ramps to bust Michael Jackson dance moves for change. MS. CHRISY “The Bitch” BROWN YOU ARE NOW OBSOLETE! Kick Rocks!

Michael Jackson’s replacement




The Black Male has been dismantled and re-programmed for the preservation and salvation of his Slave Masters Plantation. In that, the movie “RED TAILS” is nothing more than unadulterated “BULL-SHIT, it represents the utilization of Subliminal Priming, in that, the Black Male’s Brain Computer is being programmed to protect the Mainstream Caucasian Plantation Paradigm. If one puts this movie in present historical context, one will find that currently, President Obama is declining in popularity; one will also find that America is positioning itself for military conflict with Iran and/or China. Low and behold, George Lucas produces “RED TAILS”. This film not only programs the Black Brain Computer, but it provides for the Caucasian Brain Computer the “GUILTY FODDER” needed to elect President Obama to a second term, and you thought “Tricks” were for kids.The trailer alone reveals how the Caucasian Military Industrial Complex only considered the Tuskegee Airmen because Caucasian Soldiers were losing their lives. And will someone tell me, how George Lucas can produce a Caucasoid Fairy Tale about the Tuskegee Airmen and at the same time exclude the unethical medical practices of the Tuskegee Experiment? Let us not forget that America now has Remote Control DRONES that can do what the Tuskegee Airmen did in the 1940’s. So even if the movie were to serve its purpose, which is to influence and/or trick Black Males into fighting for the Caucasian Plantation Paradigm, the reality is that, Black Males will be the “BOOTS ON THE GROUND”, while Caucasian Men sit thousands of miles away, out of harms way, inside  cozy and comfortably secure bunkers providing surveillance and air support via Remote Control DRONES. All that this Fantasy Formation needs now is for Will Smith’s Punk Ass to rise out of the “Wild Wild West” and put his “John Hancock” on the contract, and agree to lead “The Men in Black” (Black Soldiers) in the fight for White (Caucasian Plantation Paradigm) “Independence Day”. If one does the mathematical calculation one will find that before any military conflict and/or war is initiated, the Public must be Subliminally Primed by using propaganda films like “RED TAILS”. One should not forget Former President George W. Bushes’ “Mushroom Cloud Speech” just before America invaded Iraq. It has always been simple to Subliminally Prime or Hypnotize the Black Male Brain Computer because the Black Male Brain Computer is predisposed to an incline of a constant and perpetual need to form close emotional bonds and/or ties with his Slave Master and the Caucasian Plantation Paradigm, also known as ATTACHMENT THEORY.