Questions The Nation of Islam Fails to ANSWER – SAVIOURS DAY 2017


Be advised you will be right back here in 2018, 2019 and 2020, listening to the Same old Protective Redundant Bull-Shit. Sir, I wish You and Other Preachers would give us the address and/or GPS Coordinates to these Abstract Concepts called: Devil, Satan, JESUS/GOD/ALLAH, THEY and Oppressor. Sir, it is TIME to put the Bible and Quran down. I recommend you stick to the theme of “Making The Black Community a Clean and Safe Place to Live”. Sir, you have been praying to your Deity for approximately 60 to 70 years, and all due respect but, you have cancer. My only question to you Sir, is: Why does the so-called Asiatic Black Man continue to worship a Deity that (If Real) never tends to hear The Asiatic Black Man’s prayers? I pose such a question because you being a so-called “Minister or Gods Man” who speaks on behalf of your Deity, whereas, your Deity never speaks for itself. I use the pronoun “IT” when referring to your Deity because none have proven your Deity, Male or Female.  I am confused, how can something (Your Deity) that is all-powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent not speak for itself, instead your Deity needs a so-called “Imperfect Being (i.e. Man and/or Woman)” to speak on its behalf? Furthermore, why am I qualified to pose these questions, as though your Deity never thought, fathomed or knew someone would ever  be uttering such questions? All due respect Sir, but, your logic defies all reason and logic. Notice how Farrakhan is extremely careful in lectures to speak vaguely and abstractly when it comes to his Call for Revolution. Notice how Farrakhan, will speak on Politics and Politicians. And then quickly revert back to silly scriptures and tries to tie the Zealot Listener into the scripture in hopes of Inflaming and igniting the Zealot Listener to act. It’s really hard to believe that The Nation of Islam has been around for approximately 80 years and The Nation of Islam has nothing but Lectures to offer the so-called “Children of God/Israel”. Face it, The Nation of Islam is a Dead Concept like its counterpart, Christianity. I am not in the Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Cathedral, therefore, the Church, Mosque, Synagogue or Cathedral are in decline. “Love” is Abstract Emotional Bull-Shit. Why does your Deity (i.e. JESUS) need you to speak on its behalf? Surely, your Deity can speak, right? If so, why should anyone be listening to you (i.e. The Middle Man)?

I recently asked Bro. Ben X, from The Nation of Islam,bro-ben-x what is the Net Worth of The Nation of Islam? He replied with, why do you want to know? So, I replied with: The reason I ask is simply to do the math on actually how many Black Males The Nation of Islam can put on Payroll. Also, surely those at the upper Echelon of The Nation of Islam are investing your donations, and therefore, should have a Running Prospectus, and a Rate of Return on your charitable contributions. Furthermore, You know, the days of blindly following are long and gone. You really are not authorized to claim, “Supreme Wisdom”. While at the same time, you are in the dark fatas to where your Charitable Contributions are going. As well as why, you are not reaping any benefits? And if you do Benefit, why does Farrakhan continue with the same old Protective Redundant Rhetoric. “ADD IT UP!” Oh, and just in case you Clowns are concerned about Your Slave Master and his White Privilege, here are your instructions: White Privilege = White Genetic Survival. Black Man you can never expect Full Unconditional Equality Among White Men. If that were the case, the White Man would be ceiling his FATE. I recommend you study Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and discontinue the drive or need to force or encourage White Men to accept you. I also recommend to all Black Men, that you impregnate as many White Women (No matter how Fat) and hope you can maintain the allegiance of those Half-Original OffSpring.


You can’t make this shit up. Bitch Ass Porpoise looking John Lewis is an illegitimate Congressional Representative. Mothah-F%cking Porpoise.


mustafa-farrakhanJust like Farrakhan’s grandson, Mustapha Farrakhan, who is a Basketball Phenom who will have to change his name if he intends to go pro. The NBA refuses to hear the name, “Farrakhan” as Mustapha Farrakhan runs up andfarrah-gray down the Basketball Court Plantation. Some try to say that, Dr. Khalid’s son who was named after Louis Farrakhan is now a SELL-OUT simply because he changed his name to FARRAH GRAY. Be that as it may, I would call the name change highly strategic because FARRAH GRAY became a millionaire at the age of 14. However, The hypocrisy of it all is that, Louis Farrakhan and his Believers instructlouis-farrakhan new members to give up their Time, Money and Talents in service of The Nation of Islam, as well as Their full submission to Do “The Will” of a Spook God known as, “Allah”, while Louis Farrakhan embraces and encourages his Grandson to pursue The so-called DEVIL’s (White Man’s), Sport and Play in the National Basketball League. I believe Louis Farrakhan has put his Grandson, Mustapha Farrakhan on The Nation of Islam’s payroll because The NBA will not take a chance on his Grandson, Mustapha Farrakhan. 


This is Bravo-Elite (a.k.a. CHAMP) Code Name: KILO-NOVEMBER-UTAH-CHARLIE-KILO-LIMA-ECKO-BRAVO-ROMEO-ALPHA-INDIA-NOVEMBER-SIX-SIX-ONE-NINER-SIX-NINER requesting permission to transmit prime directive report via internet blog?


Roger that GOLF-WHISKEY,

REPORT: Caucasian’s and Mammy hostiles have executed one grandchild, code name: MIKE-INDIA-SAM-HOTEL-ALPHA-HOTEL the remaining two grandchildren are being held hostage. Brave-Elite was forced to stand-down due to litigation restrictions placed on him by Caucasoid Judicial Officers. The Government has proven inoperative and/or obsolete when it comes to the enforcement of its Constitution, thus rendering the 14th Amendment null and void. Bravo-Elite is requesting a STRIKE-BRIGADE from GRANDADDY-ECHELON-ONE, with the same magnitude that was recently dropped on Chelsea Henryville, Indiana. Stand-by to copy coordinates, BREAK: (Longitude ONE-ONE-SEVEN/Latitude TREE-TREE.) Be advised, all Top-Secret and/or Classified Data in this transmission have been fused with DNA Composite and U.S. Treasury Notes. Data has been re-configured as Cryonized-Nano-Dust-Encryptions and up-loaded to DoD Mainframe (a.k.a. The BEAST.)

Bravo-Elite is standing-by for authorization to in-put incineration codes. Welcome to the 21st Century via internet time code, General. It’s good to see you again Sir. Nothing further to report…KNUCKLE-BRAIN…OUT

General George William Collier, the best damn Daddy that ever set-foot on this God-Damn Planet. Many soothsayer’s will attempt to impose Spooky and/or Fictitious Deities (i.e. Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh and Jesus) on gullible Humanoids, while at the same time excluding and/or down playing Soldiers like General George William Collier who epitomized the reality of The Supreme Being. So, step-off Preacher, General George William Collier is on the scene. Thanks for the training Daddy. Hashim Domenick Bomani (a.k.a. The Unique Dominator), Chelsea Olivia Brooke Bomani (a.k.a. Chel-Chel) and Bravo-Elite are glad to have you back General, we are ready to receive battle instructions.


SOMBOThe Sambo and Coon still exist within the realm of Mainstream Popular Culture. Be that as it may, one does not have to look far in order to read the subliminal messages within the context of the American Mainstream Culture, in that, particular American icons have allowed the DEMON-CRAT Collective to ease its uncomfortable irritation, and menacing conscious and subconscious fears of the “African-American and/or Black Male Threat to White Genetic Survival.” During the saga of slavery in America, the ideal slave was known as the “Sambo”, who could not win in either direction in the area of self-regulation. The term “Sambo” was a condescending epithet placed upon African-American males, initially used to reference the comfortably conformed adult male slave, “Whose laziness and ignorance made him eternally happy and dependent on his master” (Buster, 2000.) Dr. Ni’am Akbar (1996) submits the following profile of the Sambo and/or Coon, “Docile but irresponsible, loyal but lazy, humble but chronically giving in to lying and stealing; his behavior was full of infantile silliness and his talk inflated with childish exaggerations”. His relationship with his master was one of utter dependence and childlike attachment.”””   Instead of a blatant removal of the perceived “Black Threat”, the

DEMON-CRAT Collective chose to transform or sublimate the perceived threat into that which soothes and comforts the DEMON-CRAT Psyche. Mickey Mouse was created by Mr. Walt Disney in 1928, 65 years from the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which begs the question, did Mr. Disney study trends? No smart and shrewd businessman can present the concept of Disneyland without executing a serious market and cost benefit analysis. In an article entitled, “Mickey’s Character Development” it states that Mickey Mouse was quite mischief and violent in his debut film, “Steamboat Willie”. After Mr. Disney received overwhelming disapproval letters from parents, Mr. Disney opted to tone down Mickey Mouse’s violent character traits. The article proclaims, “Mickey’s persona continued to soften as his physical traits smoothed out. He also gained more human traits”. Careful and objective examination of Mickey Mouse clearly reveals that he personifies a Black Mouse with a charming demeanor. However, when one allows the conscious mind to merge with the subconscious the subliminal message is clear; by repositioning the ears over the eyes of Mickey Mouse it reveals none other than a Sambo or a Coon impersonating a Black Rat. Furthermore, for those of us who have had the privilege of listening to Mickey Mouse speak, the high pitch tone of Mickey Mouse’s voice sounds as though Mickey Mouse has been castrated, which must absolutely soothe and comfort the ultimate DEMON-CRAT fear of, “A WOKE BLACK VOTING POPULATION”.

Could this be why Mickey Mouse is so successfully loved and admired by the DEMON-CRAT Collective? Is it that Mickey Mouse represents to the DEMON-CRAT Collective, a deep embedded subconscious fantasy of the ideal Unaware and Uninformed Black Voter and/or “Happy Darkies in Their Proper Place”?






Have you ever wondered how the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator maintains power and dominion over NFL SUPER-SLAVES? Simple, the NFL SUPER-SLAVE is Genetically Superior and Intellectually Inferior. Hence, the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator manipulates the Black Man’s KUNDALINI ENERGY. In that, the Black Man’s KUNDALINI ENERGY is extracted and fed back to the Universe, thus allowing the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator to remain in power and continue to exercise dominion over the Planet and his NFL SUPER-SLAVES, see formula below:


When the NFL Super-Slave enters the Caucasoid’s Kundalini Combustion Chamber he is relinquishing his Kundalini Energy to the Caucasoid-Reptilian when the NFL Super-Slave enters the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s NFL Plantation where the NFL Super-Slaves focus their melanin secretions known as: Testosterone, and norepinephrine (adrenaline) as they violently and ferociously propel themselves into each other. Thus, the NFL Super-Slave releases his Kundalini Energy in the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s Kundalini combustion Chamber and/or Contraption known as a Stadium and/or Arena. The Caucasoid-Reptilian then transmit the NFL Super-Slaves Kundalini Energy back to the Universe, and this transmission keeps the Universal laws of Pantheism and/or Divine Retribution confused and discombobulated, thus, delaying the total and absolute destruction of the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s Vice-grip and control over the Planet and its Non-Caucasoid-Humanoids. But wait, it gets deeper…

One cannot escape the many sexual connotations being played out in the game of Football. The oblong shaped football is designed as a double-sided female breast, which is hiked through the Centers legs to the Quarterback who is in a Doggy Style position behind the Center grunting cadences that place the Big Brown Ball or LOAD OF SHIT in motion. The game of Football is also reminiscent of a Plantation Frame of Reference, in that, the game is owned and controlled by Financially Powerful Caucasian Men (i.e. Modern Day Slave Masters), who use Big Black Men (Bucks and/or Super Slaves) to entertain and amuse the Mainstream Caucasian Collective. It should also be noted that, the NFL is so violent and/or brutal on the Players body that the average playing career for NFL Players is (3) three years. However, the NFL is particularly, violent on Black Players because Black Players are competing for, what Malcolm X would have called, “A position on the White Man’s Rectangular Plantation”. Many Black NFL Players lack the intellectual acumen and/or budgetary skill-sets in order to contemplate and/or prepare for a future beyond their NFL careers. And that is why many NFL players, particularly, Black NFL Players find themselves bankrupt and/or destitute once they can no-long perform on that Rectangular Plantation known as The Grid-Iron. One must over-and-under-stand, that the Caucasian Collective is Hard-Wired, Pre-Disposed and/or dedicated to insuring the preservation and maintenance of “White Genetic Survival”. In that, since the Black Male possesses the greatest threat to “White Genetic Survival”, the Caucasian Brain Computer must set in motion the conscious and unconscious control and/or neutralization of the Black Male Threat (i.e. Sperm or Black Male Genetic Material). It is so obvious to see the racially charged components in the game of Football, in that, one can observe the over arching theme of White vs. Black being played out in the game of Football. Hence, every game puts White Jerseys against Dark Jerseys, while the big, burly and physically powerful NFL Players fight ferociously with each other to get that Big Brown Ball (i.e. Load of Shit, Sperm and/or Black Genetic Material) across White Lines or in the End Zone (Caucasian Vagina). Oh, and if these ferocious NFL Super Slaves cannot get that Big Brown Ball into the End Zone, they can settle for a field goal, where that Big Brown Ball is kicked through some up-right Goldilocks Legs (Caucasian Vagina.) And let’s not forget what keeps these Big Black Testosterone Driven Brutes motivated to score: Exactly, you guessed it, the creamy thighs of those sexy, beautiful and scantily clad Cheerleaders who shake their ass’s and spread their legs when those Ferocious Big Black Testosterone Driven Brutes place that Big Brown Ball (i.e. Load of Shit, Sperm and/or Black Genetic Material) into the End Zone or through the up-right Goldilocks legs (Caucasian Vagina.)

Have you ever wondered why prominent Black Entertainers deteriorate and die a miserable and/or less dignified death, while Caucasoid-Reptilian Elites live a long, active and dignified life? One theory is that Black Entertainers sell their souls to the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Apex-Predator in exchange for immediate fame and wealth. Be that as it may, in order to steer this discussion from mere speculation, spookology and/or superstition, one must be able to qualitatively and quantitatively observe and/or measure the transaction between the Black Entertainer and the Caucasoid-Reptilian. Hence, the reader is encouraged to refute and/or dispute the empirical data points that are about to be extrapolated:

Data Point #1: A Black Man named James Baskett abandoned his studies of pharmacology for financial reasons, and sold his soul to the Caucasoid-Reptilian to become Uncle Remus. In that, in 1945, he auditioned for a bit part voicing one of the animals in the new Disney feature film Song of the South (1946), based on the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris. Caucasoid-Reptilian-Master-Mind Walt Disney was impressed with Baskett’s ability to play a “Happy Darkie and/or Docile Sambo” that Walt Disney hired James Baskett on the spot for the lead role of Uncle Remus. As quiet as it is kept, and almost never acknowledged by Black Entertainers and their Caucasoid-Handlers, on March 20, 1948, James Baskett received an Honorary Academy Award for his performance as Uncle Remus. Uncle Remus was the first Black Man to win an Academy Award. On July 9, 1948, Uncle Remus died of heart disease at the age of 44.

Data Point #2: A Black Man named Bill Robinson sold his soul to Caucasoid-Reptilians and transformed into Shirley Temples’ “Singing and Dancing-Happy-Go-Lucky-Magic-Toy-Negro” named Mr. Bojangles. Despite earning more than $2 million during his lifetime, Mr. Bojangles died penniless in 1949, at the age of 71 from a heart attack.

Data Point #3: A Black Man named Richard Pryor sold his soul to Caucasoid-Reptilians and played “The White Man’s Toy” named Jack Brown in “The Toy”. Richard Pryor suffered a mild heart attack in November 1977. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1986. In 1990, Pryor suffered a second and more severe heart attack and underwent triple heart bypass surgery. By the early 1990s, he was confined to using a wheelchair as well as a motor powered scooter for the remainder of his life to get around when his multiple sclerosis began to take its toll on his body. On June 9, 1980, during the making of the film Bustin’ Loose, Pryor set himself on fire after freebasing cocaine while drinking 151-proof rum. He ran down Parthenia Street from his Northridge, California, home, on fire, until he was subdued by police. He was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for burns covering more than half of his body. Pryor spent six weeks in recovery at the Grossman Burn Center at Sherman Oaks Hospital. His daughter, Rain Pryor, stated that Pryor poured high-proof rum over his body and set himself on fire while experiencing a drug-induced psychosis. On December 10, 2005, nine days after his birthday, Pryor suffered a heart attack in Encino, California. He was taken to a local hospital after his wife’s attempts to resuscitate him failed. He was pronounced dead at 7:58 am PST. He was 65 years old. His Caucasoid-Widow Jennifer Leecoon-sambo Pryor was quoted as saying, “At the end, there was a smile on his face. It is so funny, how Caucasoid-Reptilian’s love to reminisce about a Black Man’s smile when he is dead. That’s that, Coon-Sambo Residue etched in the Caucasoid’s Mind.

Data Point #4: A Black Man named David Adkins (aka Sinbad) sold his soul to Caucasoid-Reptilians in order to become Sam Simms, a Secret Service Toy in the 1996 Disney comedy film “First Kid”. In 2009, Sinbad was placed in the top 10 of the 250 worst tax debtors for the state of California. The comedian owed the State $2.5 million in personal income tax. On December 11, 2009, Sinbad filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. On February 5, 2010, it was reported that Sinbad put up his 2.5-acre (10,000 m2) hilltop home for sale in order to alleviate his tax burdens.

Data Point #5: A Black Man named Michael Jackson sold his soul to Caucasoid-Reptilians in order to mutate and/or morph into MJ-World-Renowned-Emasculated-Caucasoid-Entertainer and would eventually add the term Pedophile to his metamorphosis when he was accused of sleeping with minor children. Macaulay Carson Culkin testified that he had slept in Michael Jackson’s bedroom on countless occasions, but stated that Jackson’s bedroom was two stories, and that Jackson never sexually molested him or touched him in improper ways, and referred to the allegations as “absolutely ridiculous.” On June 25, 2009 Mutant and Psychopathic Sociopath Michael Jackson was euthanized by Caucasoid-Reptilian Elites who sought to confiscate Michael Jackson’s estate and usurp his global influence.

Data Point #6: A Black Man named Usher Terry Raymond IV sold his soul to Caucasoid-Reptilians and became “Usher”. Usher has also served as Fundraising Monkey for Former Caucasoid-Reptilian-President Bill Clinton. Usher is currently going through a very public child custody dispute. Usher is seeking full custody of his two sons from ex-wife, and Treacherous-Gold-Digging-Black-Bitch Tameka Foster, accusing her of being unstable, while Foster’s attorneys have attempted to reveal Usher’s philandering ways as being the cause of her depression. It was also revealed in open court that Usher had sexual relations with one of the bridesmaids from the couple’s 2007 wedding, not to mention the fact that several women say they contracted serious Sexually Transmitted Diseases from Usher. Although Usher was the one who discovered Caucasoid-Reptile Justin Bieber, it is Usher who plays the Subordinate Toy and/or Slave to Justin Bieber. Hence, to give the Reader an idea of how much Justin Bieber’s Caucasoid-Supremacy dwarfs over his Slave Usher; Justin Bieber has a higher score on the “Clout” online “influence” scale surpassing even President Barack Hussein Obama and The Dalai Lama. Usher tries to excuse his Inferior-Second-Class-Slave-Status to Justin Bieber by stating, “while he and Bieber were both signed at the same age, “I had the chance to ramp up my success, where this has happened to Bieber abruptly.” Usher claims he appointed one of his former assistants, Ryan Good, to be Bieber’s “swagger coach”, who makes the “Bieber” Concoction appear “streetwise” and coaches Bieber on how to use ghetto slang and mannerisms like, (“Wassup man, how you doin’?” or “It’s like, you know, whateva’ “.)

Data Point #7: Michael Clark Duncan rose to fame after his Caucasoid-Reptilian-Slave-Masters nominated him for an Oscar in “The Green Mile”. Mr. Duncan played opposite a Caucasoid-Reptilian named Tom Hanks who predicted that Michael Clark Duncan’s subservient role as a Big-Slave-Buck submitting to Caucasoid Authority would spring-board his career into the stratosphere. But wait, after becoming the go to Slave when Caucasoid-Movie-Directors needed a Synthetic-Black-Man to play a Big-Black-Brute in their films, Mr. Michael Clark Duncan pursued and sought to marry a Treacherous-Gold-Digging-Black-Bitch by the name of Omarosa Manigault Stallworth. Funny, he then drops dead from a massive heart attack. Something tells me that Michael Clark Duncan amassed significant wealth by playing a Synthetic-Negro on the big screen, and since the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s in Hollywood got an epic performance from Michael Clark Duncan in “The Green Mile” his wealth would serve them better in the hands of their Operative Omarosa. One must understand, the movie “The Green Mile” will soothe and comfort the Caucasoid-Collective for generations to come. Therefore, since Michael Clark Duncan was no-longer needed the Caucasoid-Reptilian’s sent in their #1 Operative and/or Agent (i.e. The Treachorous-Gold-Digging-Black-Bitch) to (1) Become the beneficiary over Michael Clark Duncan’s wealth, and (2) assassinate Michael Clark Duncan by exacerbating his hypertension and stress in order to cause Mr. Duncan’s Massive Heart Attack. This is right out of the How to kill Rodney King Handbook.


The data suggests that when the Black Man sales his soul to Caucasoid-Reptilians in order to mutate, morph and/or transform into something other than himself, he enters a synthetic dimensional realm, and therefore, degrades his authenticity. Hence, the degradation of the Black Man’s authenticity causes disruptions in the Universal Laws of Nature and/or Quantum Order. Thus forcing the Universe to hasten the destruction and/or disintegration of this anomaly called “The Synthetic Negro”. The Caucasoid-Reptilian not only maintains his true nature, but the Caucasoid-Reptilian is able to expand and/or enhance the Caucasoid-Reptilian-Life-Span simply through the process of creating “Synthetic Negro’s”. In that, the Caucasoid-Reptilian evades death by bombarding the Universe with “Synthetic Negro’s”. This constant bombardment keeps the Universal Laws of Nature guessing and/or focused on the disintegration of “Synthetic Negro’s”. And that is why and how the Caucasoid-Reptilian lives a long dignified and prosperous life-style, and “The Synthetic Negro” acting out-of-sync with the Universe, is relegated to a life of misery, turmoil and undignified disintegration.