The game of Pool or Billiards represents the Caucasian Collectives Fantasy Formation or subconscious drive towards global domination. In that, the game is played on a rectangular geometric table. The objective of the game is to take a stick or pool cue (Penis) an extension of the human sex organs and hit a Little White Ball (White Sperm or Recessive Genetic Material) towards all the “Non-White Balls” (Dominant Genetic Material) in order to knock all the “Non-White Balls” (Dominant Genetic Material) into one of the six holes or pockets (Graves that are Six Feet Deep.) The moment of truth comes when the Little White Ball (Recessive Genetic Material) stands face-to-face with what appears to be the most powerful “Non-White Ball” on the table, the Eight Ball (Black Sperm or The Daddy of All Genetic Material.) The Little White Ball can be scratched over-and-over while attempts are made to knock the Eight Ball under the table, but each time the Little White Ball (Recessive Genetic Material) scratches it can be resurrected to carry out its mission to destroy the Eight Ball (Black Sperm or The Daddy of All “Non-White Balls), and the game does not end until the Little White Ball has knocked that Eight Ball (Black Sperm) into a hole or pocket (Grave Six Feet Deep) and the Little White Ball is the last ball standing and sits on the table basking in its triumph. What’s ever more concerning is that this subliminally embedded scenario of White destroying Black is permanently etched into the Grey Matter of those who watched and played the game to its battle stricken finality. Funny, it appears that social scientists like Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil seem to have missed class on the day “Game Theory” was being taught, or did they?